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One of the truly unique aspects of our program is our ability to fund multiple students for a fraction of the money it takes to pay for one student going to college. It works like this: Each student receives comprehensive tutoring, mentoring, travel expenses for college visits and the rest of the support system we offer. It costs approximately $5,000 per year for each year of enrollment in the program, which can result in a student receiving grants, scholarships and other financial aid that can make up 90% or more of what it costs for room, board an tuition. Our bottom line results: Each $15,000 investment per student results in an award that will range from approximately $100,000 for state universities to $230,000 for private colleges and universities.

We need your support in order to fund the various programs that The Extra Dimension undertakes on behalf of our students. Listed below are the various opportunities to contribute as an individual, organization or corporate entity.

Donation Category
Support Level
$50,000 and above
Board of Regents
President's Circle
Provost Fellow
Dean's List
Honor Roll

You can make a donation by check to The Extra Dimension, Inc. or you may make a donation through PayPal. Click the link and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..