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September 1, 2015

All three of our students are in residence at their respective institutions of higher learning.

  • Sam Iheke is majoring in Business at the University of Oklahoma. 
  • Olga Delgadillo is starting for the Hendrix College Varsity Soccer Team. 
  • Florainne Walcott-Taylor completed a special summer program for extra credit at Union College and is taking a full load of courses this fall.


May 1, 2015

THEY’VE MADE THEIR DECISIONS. Our three seniors have decided where they are going to spend the next four years.

Florainne Walcott-Taylor
Florainne had her choice of seven colleges to choose from. She decided on Union College in upstate New York, one of the Little Ivies in the Northeast. Florainne was recruited by Union’s multi-cultural program. She plans to major in English.

Sam Iheke
Sam is very happy to be headed to Norman, Oklahoma where he will enroll at the University of Oklahoma. Sam is looking forward to playing football for his favorite college team. He turned down offers from several small college programs to attend O.U.

Olga Delgadillo
Olga has decided on Hendrix College, which is located minutes from Little Rock, Arkansas. She had her pick of five colleges from around the country. The Women’s Soccer Coach is eagerly looking forward to having her play for the team this fall.


April 14 2015

Here is a quick look at our seniors from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas:

Sam Iheke
Sam was the leading Wide Receiver on the football team and was recruited to play for several D-I
and D-III college programs. He was a star in the classroom as well, taking 8 AP courses and finished with an overall average grade of 90.

Florainne Walcott-Taylor
Florainne established an impressive record on many fronts. She was elected V.P. of her junior class, appeared in several school theatrical productions and showed enormous potential as a writer.
Despite a heavy AP course load she still posted a 94 average.

Olga Delgadillo
Olga was a two-time Captain of the Varsity Soccer Team, won the Gold Award for scouting and
was a featured dancer on the Wranglers, the school’s award winning dance team. She was also on the AP track throughout her years in high school. 


April 1, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! College Acceptances for Students Enrolled in The Extra Dimension Program. Our three students, Olga Delgadillo, Florainne Walcott-Taylor, Sam Iheke were accepted to the following colleges and universities:

  • Baylor University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Millsaps College, MS
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Trinity University, TX
  • University of San Diego
  • Occidental College, CA
  • Chapman University, CA
  • Union College, NY
  • Rollins College, FL
  • Hendrix College, AR

The total award money projected over a four-year period will approach $2,000,000. The average cost for the colleges listed above exceeds $50,000 annually. In all cases these awards are divided into various categories: merit scholarships, college grants, federal grants, work-study programs, and student loans. The most generous awards came from Occidental College, Union College, Trinity University, Southern Methodist University and the University of San Diego.

January 28, 2015

"Good Morning Mr. Allen, I want to personally thank you for the work that you do through The Extra Dimension, Inc. It is likely safe to say that every admission counselor with a remote level of awareness recognizes the facts that are highlighted in your mission statement. It is great to know that there is an organization in Dallas that exists to bridge the gap on the ground level by individually supporting talented students who may not have equitable levels of access or guidance in the college process."

Michaela Bradshaw ~ Admission Counselor ~ Texas Christian University

January 10, 2015

Extra Dimensions Student, Olga Delgadillo,  received her citizenship certificate on January 8. She is a star dancer for the Lake Highlands Wranglers, and the captain of the varsity soccer team.  Her incredibly positive personality shows through in this shot. We are proud of you Olga.