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During the fall of 2012 a group of like-minded people in Dallas decided to form The Extra Dimension with the express purpose of assisting deserving high achievers from low-income families with their college search. The Executive Director and the Board of Directors decided to begin the program with three sophomores from Lake Highlands High School in Dallas. 

At the conclusion of their involvement in the program the hard work of each student has really paid off as colleges have responded in a most positive way to their applications. As a result, our youngsters are not only going to really fine institutions but the cost of their education has been largely underwritten by colleges through scholarships and financial aid. The results are in and it is very evident that the program that was created and implemented worked! 

And now, the Board of Directors is in the process of adding more students and high schools to the program. Our expectation is to double the number of students we are working at present each succeeding year. We have a wide range of donors and supporters who have come forward to help us over the past two years. To cite a few: we have two major family foundations, the head of global sales for a major financial institution, a member of the Dallas City Council, a pathologist from Rancho Mirage, CA, an oncologist from Tucson, the president of one of the leading auto dealerships in Texas, owners of a long established art gallery in Naples, Fl, and a former college professor who held that position for 29 years. 

The current Board of Directors for The Extra Dimension, Inc. are:

  • Harden Wiedemann, Chairman
  • Tracy A. Pounders, Secretary
  • Robert L. Cargill
  • Benjamin L. Crosland
  • Kenneth Mayberry
  • Ali Crosland Treaster

Executive Director: Thomas F. Allen