Student Rewards

Since the majority of our students will come from low-income families who cannot afford to pay for a 4 year college education, it is our goal to equip them with guidance and resources that will help them qualify for admittance to highly selective colleges. Once admitted to these well endowed schools, our students stand an excellent chance to receive very generous financial aid packages.  At many of these colleges, families with incomes up to $65,000 will find that the annual cost for room, board and tuition can be close to or right at zero.

The direct cost to support each student for all four years will be $5,000.  The amount of financial aid they should receive yearly will range from $20,000 for state universities to $50,000 or more for highly rated private colleges and universities.  For projection purposes we use the U.S. News research data that sets the average amount of aid to be $40,000 per year for private colleges.  At that rate we calculate that each student will receive approximately $160,000 in aid over a four-year period.  Using the same rationale we can forsee that 20 students will receive a total of over $3 million, a remarkable 30:1 return on investment of $100,000.